This short film contains examples of Inner View Portraits, and is indicative of the way we will experience and the Portraits that will be made. PLAY FULL SCREEN. See the TEXT for this film, and the context of why it was made

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A Brief Description Of The Day

A full immersive and close-up day with myself and the Soul Biographies Camera immersed in the unyielding experience of Inner View. A profound and experiential exploration of Inner Human Potential; the intelligence from which we’re inspired to act - the voice with which we’re compelled to speak - and the way in which we’re able to connect with all people. This small group will travel together deep into the territory of this experience. Into the experience of the TREE OF DREAMS.

And then, when one has been found by a palpable sense of these capacities, the photographic portrait in characteristic black & white style is taken. Energetically imprinted in black & white. Possibility captured. An immediate and lasting return point.

If you are looking for evidence of what might happen during this experience, look HERE.

The Soul Biographies Inner View camera and live image projection will be used extensively. We will be revealed with all the consequence of such an experience. On this particular day we will be the experience.

[ Nic Askew ]


LOCATION. St John Wood, London NW8. Specific address emailed alongside ticket.

COST. GBP £395. 

TERMS. Sales are final but are transferable (you will need to email us the name change). If we have a waiting list and fill your place, you will receive the amount we received less bank charges.

LUNCH. We will provide lunch.

HOURS. 9.30am-5.30pm.

PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT. Digital file will be sent with rights to use anywhere (with attribution).

MORE ABOUT NIC'S WORK. You can see the Human Soul on Film HERE. 



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